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In this millennium, technology has taken a wide scope of changes into the worlds’ system, including to almost all industries worldwide. From agriculture, production, services and retail, the use of automated systems and web programs has improved the business process of many companies. Those in travel industries are also some of the few, which succeeded in expediting their processes and effectively marketing their respective ventures all over the world.

Working with us as travel website development solutions provider has set the standards of a quality travel website. With our dedicated technology-inclined people and professional customer assistants, we endlessly provide our clients with utmost quality of service for any travel needs in a website, whether we talk about flight bookings, hotel bookings, cruise API, vehicle rentals, tour packages and a lot more.

Our Travel Website Development Services:

B2C and B2B ModulesWe integrate huge options for B2C and B2B processes into various modules that would streamline business processes.

Extended Admin Console: Administrator interface functions according to defined roles and with security on data.

Online Flights, Hotels, Transfers, Cruise Booking: Travel bookings through airline, hotels, land and sea transportation are managed with accuracy of information.

Online Flight Booking Engine: The search for flight information, fare rates and booking details will be offered up to users as travelers who seek ease of website use.

Online Hotel Booking Engine: Booking of hotels made easy through fast generation of search results and specific hotel specifications preferred by the user.

Wide Payment Gateway options of your choice: We can integrate almost all payment mode and schemes into the website so that our clients need not to worry of opportunity losses.

Package upload flexibility: The website will have the capacity to upload customized travel packages and frequent updating.

Travel Management Software: All travel inquiries and details can be managed both by user administrators and members with distinct access roles and rights.

Travel Agents Software: Integrating a list of travel agents across the globe and gathering all their relevant details into one database will be structured in the most efficient way.

SMS Gateway: Travelers and agents could get notifications and service information fast and accurately through SMS gateway that is capable in handling various telecom networks across the globe.

Customer Review & Feedback system: Clients will utilize this portion in providing opinions and feedback for every services availed such as on flight bookings, hotel bookings, tour servicing, etc.

Print and Email Confirmation Vouchers: For vouchers and discounts being offered, real time verification are to be done to expedite transactions.

Forex Management: Handling currency conversion requests will not be a problem through an integrated foreign exchange management system.

Social Media Integration: We see social media as an effective tool in marketing tour packages so we let the website have a deliberate integration into popular social media sites such as Facebook, IG, twitter, etc. Matters on new deals, hot forums and membership subscription will be well-integrated.

Online Chat: A travel website that has a readily available online chat system will impress its users with the fast responsiveness on queries and other concerns that may arise throughout numerous travel-related transactions.

Reports and Analytics: Companies may get to enjoy the reporting system and statistical analytics on web performance, user profiles and memberships and marketing strategy evaluation through this dynamic feature.

Our Process:

The development process for a website does not compose of 100% effort from us because we value the opinion of our clients. Through close coordination with our clients, we thoroughly discuss matters for the project through our process.

1. Travel website specifications: We provide suggestions and recommendations on how travel website will appear and function but we ensure that clients get to define their specific requirements and integrate a touch of their brand image into the portal.

2. Travel website development: With numerous templates and designs, we create the website according to what fits best to the clients’ business. We integrate more innovations in the process of creating the website as we think and work out of the box.

3. Website Simulation: It is vital for us to ensure that websites will undergo the necessary quality auditing prior deployment into a live run. Thus, we closely coordinate with the clients’ team prior launching of the travel website.

4. Travel Website Launching: As soon as the approval process is done, the travel website will be commenced into the live environment with close monitoring by our team to record aspects that would require improvements and assess the success rate of the use of the website.

Why You Choose us:

Travel companies will surely get more than what they paid for through our services that seeks to deliver quality output. Choose us now for these reasons:

  • Capable in creating dynamic travel packages, from bookings to feedback management.
  • Assured return on investment for every travel website projects completed.
  • Compliant to legal and company policies, specifically on security of data.
  • Reliable controls on defined markups, commissions and other admin functions.
  • Could provide reports of website performance through real time monitoring system
  • Contributed to the boost of clients’ sales through online approach.
  • Composed of professional web developers and designers.
  • Readily accessible customer feedback links.
  • Responsive client support team.
  • 100% quality assessment performed for every requirements.
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