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There is a huge reason why businesses on tourism and travel should invest on having a travel portal development for their company. For one, travel portals are now becoming the easiest and most effective method to reach travelers and endorse the company’s marketing campaigns on travel. Secondly, travel portals allow a fast processing of every transactions pertaining to travel such as flight bookings, hotel and accommodation search, tour packages and a lot more. Last but not the least, travel portal projects need not to be too expensive, as web portal development service providers, like us, exist to aid companies in the travel industry for this project.

Our company is one of the most reliable travel portal developers in the country as we provide endless solutions to expedite every transaction in the traveling process. We have devised numerous methods to enhance our clients’ processes as we offer them our reliable services:

Our Travel Portal Development Services:

Flight Booking Module DevelopmentFor travels with one-way or multiple city stops, we are capable in handling the intricacy of the process of flight bookings. Integrating discounts, fare rate viewing, booking cancellation, add-on services management, ticket emailing and other transactions that happen in flight booking are manageable by our team of web developers.

Hotel Booking Module Development: We seek the solution to providing travelers with a home to stay in while they are on their trip. Our web developers can incorporate both the basic and advance functions for hotel management module such as a responsive search engine for hotel availabilities, Google maps and directions, wide range of payment portals, communication of booking contracts, weather updates and a lot more.

Bus and Car Booking Module: Traveling by land would not be done with hassle as we collate bus and car rental providers in the city to run the travel errand for travelers.

Travel Agencies Portal Development: A rich database of travel agencies whose services could be utilized will be our core offering to our clients.

Tourism Portal Development: Likeable and strategic travel itineraries define the quality of a travel portal. Thus, we develop our output with remarkable highlights on travel preferences and tour packages.

B2C Travel Module Development: Putting a direct link between customers and the company is our expertise as we are capable in adding a B2C feature in every travel portal that we develop. Our clients could expect a secured User and Admin profile management, effective ads and banners for promotion and other e-ticketing process that would be demanded by the customer.

B2B Travel Module Development: With our thorough knowledge on how businesses are interacting to provide the greater service and product to the travelers, we understand the necessity for B2B module that is capable in handling processes such as job order and invoicing, branch management, accounts updates, commission computation and other business-to-business transactions.

Admin Module Development for Travel Portal: As far as our services had functioned with our existing clients, we never fail to provide dynamic user dashboard for both the administrators and the travelers’ perspective. Profile management is made easy while defining of user roles and access rights are made secured. Activating and deactivating portal users are in compliance to existing legal and company policies.

Mark-Up Master: Our team is composed of people who are knowledgeable on the process of defining mark-up for airline and hotel booking by country, city or by the type of travel services  being offered. With this, we become a reliable travel portal development to date.

Content Management: With high regard on the accuracy of information being posted online, we ensure that the contents being uploaded into the travel portal are correct, enriched and clean.

Real-time Reporting: We never deprive our clients with the analytics that today’s technology can offer. Thus, we make sure that from the web portal itself, they can generate useful reports such as site visits, sales, revenue and their equivalent graphical representations.

Travel Portal Maintenance and Support: Whether our clients would demand us to work on existing travel portal to maintain or handle support services for the web portal we develop, we see to it that they get to achieve continuous improvements through our service.

Our Process:

We make sure that clients get the convenience in contracting with us the travel portal development project that they aim to achieve. With this, we follow a simple process for our business dealings.

1. Gather Travel Portal Development Requirements: Our clients get to lay down all the details and targets of the travel portal to be developed as we provide advice and consultations in the process.

2. Portal Development: At this point, our team collaborates to come up with a useful structure for the clients’ web portal and work on the details with the use of modern programming technology.

3. Delivery: We always deliver on time and we ensure that series of trial runs will be conducted before deploying the travel portal live into the web. This is to ensure that our clients will get to brand their business with reliability.

Why You Choose us:

For simple reasons, many of our clients cannot be stopped from commending our output and how we enabled them to improve their products and services. Be our business partner today and get to avail of the following:

  • Highly responsive travel portal that would never have costly downtime to ensure continuous servicing for travelers.
  • Cost effective travel portal development projects we utilize high technology and employ qualified workers to be involved in projects.
  • 24/7 customer support team that assists clients in their needs any time of the day.
  • Readily available web developers and consultants that promotes fast feedback process and efficient communication of requirements and output.
  • Quality travel portal with a sure gain for business though attractive web portal layout and designs.
  • Customization travel portal that lets you define your business and market your brand effectively.
  • Wide array of short codes for easier updating and reliable integration of plugins and other add-on modules.
  • Web development process comes with the use of GDS, XML & API integration, Travel Port UAPI use, Hotel XML integration and a lot more.
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