Hotel Booking System

Hotel Reservation / Booking System

Today, travelers no longer carry much cash on their pocket but get to enjoy the benefit of having a fast access to hotels, resorts and other accommodation establishments through the use of an effective hotel booking system. Living outside home will always feel like being at home as we ensure that the hotel booking system will reconcile the travelers’ needs and the accommodation establishments’ capacity to meet them.

Whether your hotel booking system aims to become available online or offline, we work our best to assist you in managing such system in a way that it will provide convenience, efficiency and ease of access to the customers.

Our Hotel Booking System Features:

Front-end DesignThere are at least a hundred design templates to choose from with modern and interactive layout that ensures ease of use.

Online Room Bookings: Series of easy steps are integrated into the hotel booking system.

Multiple Room Bookings: Reservations is not necessarily exclusive to one-is-to-one set up as users can also book multiple rooms in one single transaction.

Reservations Management: hotel administrators will have a reliable comrade to manage the reservations and all its details.

Room Management: Hotels will have their access on updating and adding details on their rooms, from prices, layout, add-on offers, etc.

Room Price Management : Numerous references for price may be integrated into the system such as the number of person, the type of room, the services offered, off and on peak rates and other more factors of price differentiation.

Booking form Preparation: Our clients can customize the details on the hotel booking forms to extract the data that they find necessary for the booking.

Booking Limits: The hotel booking system administrators will be given the privilege to set the minimum booking nights or hours for the customers.

Add-on Management: Customers will get to know the details on the extras and their prices that can be availed for every hotel bookings.

Voucher System: For promos and discounts, this voucher system will enable effective monitoring and control of the released and availed vouchers.

Payment Gateways: Whether a traveler opt for online or offline method of payment, the system will have the capacity to capture such set of data.

Invoice Management: Summarizing the bills and payments made will be done smoothly and smartly.

Multiple Language: The system will be installed with a support program for multiple language holding capacity.

One Admin: This feature will ensure security of access to modules that should be exclusively be for the administrator.

Our Process:

We aid our clients throughout the development and installation process of our designed hotel booking system.

1. Identification of requirements: We do not just listen but we also provide advice and suggestions to help clients derive the most appropriate set of standards and requirements for an effective hotel booking system.

2. Planning and implementation: We see the needs of the clients, our team deliberates on the approach and execution of procedures in the development and installation of the system.

3. Quality checking: We always perform process audits and output quality check every time. This is to ensure the delivery of quality output for the clients.

4. Installation and launching: Our team provides the necessary assistance during the system’s deployment into the web. We also ensure that continuous support is being provided to them.

Why You Choose us:


  • Professional and hard working team will work for the project.
  • We accommodate pre-sale queries and request for quotation.
  • We are unhesitating to dispense advice for the clients
  • We have a guaranteed cheap price but sure quality
  • Fast delivery of results.
  • 98%-100% delivery of desired output for clients.
  • Knowledgeable customer assistants are available round-the-clock.
  • Open to receive constructive feedback from clients.
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