Travel Portal API Integration Services – Everything Travel Agents Need To Know

Travel Portal API Integration – Everything Travel Agents Need To Know

Travel Portal API/GDS Integration Services – Everything Travel Agents Need To Know

In this fast world, everything seems to be demanded in an instant and offered in no time. From the basic needs to luxurious demands, consumers are becoming a result-driven for what they are looking for online. Say, a search conducted in a portal with no significant result generated would be doomed as potential customers would tend to look for other portals and might block your site. So for businesses in travel industry which desires to have a boost in their sales, integrating a third-party supplier for API integration would help, given the right understanding about this process.

Defining Travel API

API would mean that there will be interventions to be performed by third party to provide information for your travel booking portal such as GDS, Wholesaler inventory, feeds, etc. This has to be done to effectively redirect users to relevant websites once searches are performed. Collecting this big set of data would make it possible for suppliers to have access on the portal’s feeds as well provide services.

Why use Travel APIs?

  • Adding mark-ups are feasible for the agents and consumers
  • No need of mediator to process payment of customers as you will be the one who could directly process them
  • Informative data are retrievable from the XML pages
  • Low maintenance cost and process that enables you to spend more time on core processes like product creation and marketing

How to have Travel APIs?

The basic and first part would be to come up with a deal powered by written contracts between you and the third-party supplier. This could from Amadeus, Hotelbeds, GTA, etc. Payment processing follows through creating security fund deposits and continuous updating of the funds. On an average security deposit ranges from $5000 to $8000, depending on the expected result from suppliers. A look-to-book ratio would be set between you and the supplier to also determine the charges that may be incurred by the company in the process. Allowable ration 400 to 1 is often the reference. It is also important to understand the difference of what XML APIs and White Labels could offer. What would make a good travel business company is on well the configuration goes for B2C and B2B settings. The series of steps to take include:

  1. Supplier Search

Deliberate research has to be done and is mostly based on criteria such as geographical location or region, culture, rates, capacity to deliver, etc. and their perfect combination.

  1. Contract Signing

This process would determine the finality of the agreements between you and the supplier. Expected information that must be presented in the contract would include business details, products sold, rates, module inclusions, payments and deposit terms, etc.

  1. API Development

The business partner you chose will then process on the development of the API needs and the feasible items to be included. Assessment follows after through simulations and testing for the readiness for deployment. Any changes that must be done will be integrated until it will pass the requirements.

With the service that we offer, we delivered an average of 95% project completion in just less than a month for a standard API integration service.

  1. The Integration Process

As soon as the output has been certified as in compliance to the clients’ requirements, the API integration process will be deployed. The lead time for the certification would depend on the requirements. On the average, we can provide GDS services in 3 weeks time. From the certification, we, as supplier, will give credentials on the access of live feeds as requirement for successful bookings.

  1. After-Integration Process

Evaluation attributes such as search response speed and live feeding are few of the parameters in assessing the services offered by the third-party API provider. Also, the supplier response time to any inquiries and guidance make a good factor in the process.

It is also a good takeaway point to know that third-party suppliers for API integration would often charge fees for maintenance, upgrades, metadata updates, etc. But with us, we only put charges at a minimal and worthy price for our clients.

Should you want to know more about XML API integration, you can always add them in comments or directly keep in touch to us.

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