Travel Mobile Application Development – Reshaping the Travel & Tourism Industry

How Mobile is Reshaping the Travel & Tourism Industry

How Mobile App is Reshaping the Travel & Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry has gone through series of evolution throughout the years brought by various marketing and technological innovations. For this millennium, the influence of mobile technology to travel industry brought huge amount of changes, from the booking process, travel and tours, payment and even after-service offerings to travelers. With the ever-changing and ever-improving venture of mobile phone and gadget companies, traveling from one place to another became more possible, accessible, fast and fun.

How the consumers spend their resources and how enterprises are offering value-added inputs into their systems, products and processes is inevitably working to everyone’s advantage. In fact, the travel industry has boomed into triple its economic performance through technological advancements.

The Impacts

To understand more about technology in relation to travel and tourism industry, it would be best to see how mobile gadgets reshaped the lives of travelers and the detail of their transactions.

  • The Millennial Hype

For the generations living in a millennial stage, these people opted for a faster and instant acquisition or completion of almost everything. Thus, the introduction of mobile devices greatly affected how consumers are taking advantage of the fast-paced transactions that happen with just one press, swipe or click. The energy of millennial generation to explore the world in a lifetime greatly contributes to the increase of transactions in tourism industry.

  • The Consumer’s Dominance

With the capacity of consumers to dictate their requirements over a product or service, many industries, especially in travel and tourism, became flexible in doing series of upgrades and revisions of their products and services. With that, doing such fast upgrades and communicating them to the consumers has been expedited through mobile technology advancements.

  • Social media’s influence

It is undeniable how social media have caused both pleasures and burdens to the people and their businesses. For travel industry, the social media became a very useful tool in promoting a specific spot, place, city or country. As soon as social networks inserted into their platforms a room for advertisements, travel portals were opened and became more exploited by consumers.

  • 4G’s efficiency

Through the capacity of mobile devices to capture their own internet connection data through 4G, independence from wired network sources too place. As a result, mobile gadgets became more and more responsive to the needs of travelers, from capturing travel memories to uploading them and from booking of travel itineraries to providing feedback for travel companies.

Statistical point of view

Objectively speaking, this is how the analytics went on for the travel and tourism industry.

  • Around 30% of airlines found lesser cost in mobile means, 40% became patrons to it because of how they perceive the method as effective for sales growth while 98% are thinking about investing more on it.
  • 80% of travel and tours agency find investing on mobiles as highly significant today while the remaining 20% thinks that they are not putting enough for it. Thus, 100% of travel management companies are thinking of utilizing it in the coming years.

Offering endless services

With the use of mobile applications and methods to keep track on travelers’ interests and preferences, travel oriented companies could attest that such approach leads to a more effective and continuous servicing to travels. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Mobile paves the way for customized and more personalized services such as specific design and options for special offers, travel discounts, voucher for promotions and other advantages.
  2. With mobile, travel companies could get to keep in touch with their clients before, during and after every travel cycle. This leads to a continuous customer and supplier relationship.
  3. Restraining from generating papers is something that would save both the company and the consumers from spending much of their time and money in the printing process. Transactions happen on the go as mobile gadgets are already going around wherever their owners are.
  4. Understanding the customers, their demands, requirements, preferences and spending pattern surely provides gainful insights for travel companies to effectively set their marketing strategy that would lead to continuous business to consumer dealings.
  5. Through flawless an uninterrupted communication link, businesses becomes driven to utilize the information about their customers for improving their services.

What’s with the payment portals?

With the security level offered by online payment portals, the payment gateways open the way for consumers to efficiently spend their money online to achieve fast and seamless transactions to the travel management companies. On top of this, the growth in payment portals allowed the derivation of a big data set of consumer information that are potential items for mining relevant data to improve the businesses.


It is indeed remarkable how the travel and tourism industry went through series of improvements and developments. The use of smartphones has opened a wide way for this industry to bring out the most efficient travel process for consumers while it also streamlined business process and get to come up with compelling marketing strategies for their mobile travel businesses.

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