Travel Agents Portal Development to Automate their Back Office works

Travel Agents Back Office System to Automate their Back Office works

Portal Development for Travel Agents to Automate their Back Office Works

Given the challenges that global competition poses to businesses, each company should take up series of initiatives to come up with quality products, deliver timely services yet get to spend minimal for their operational costs. Added to this, being able to drive the right investment by offering the environment a space to breathe in good businesses would surely inherit businesses the right amount of returns.

Automating business’ process does provide great changes in the running of a company. While in some cases, such automation might lead to uprising or culture shocks, businesses who overcame that part of the challenge are the ones which greatly succeed. Back office operations that would turn out to be automated in the system helps the company and its people in becoming more productive and share the gains among them as returns are expected to be greater. If not all processes in the business will be automated, starting with the following back office processes would already offer companies a great leap to progress:

  1. Accounting

Generating reports on accounting is vital in the business. Putting every front end process into real figures would mean a lot in coming up with succeeding business strategies and tactics to become successful. Costs or the costing process, for one, should be the primary concern of the accounting process. Extracting the details on costing, sales and revenue must be done accurately by those people who are already experts in doing the job. Outsourcing the work would surely save up the companies from training people as well as letting the service provider establish an accountability over the accounting services they offer.

  1. Travel account service

Let the business reduce its cost from spending on people’s training for business intelligence work. Instead, automating the process would enable the company to become more productive while data are instantly generated for the business database assessment and techniques to take.

  1. Business to business engagements

Dealing with other businesses is a must for a company to survive. Whether through concession, supplier relationship, job order provision or other dealings, every business to business transaction has to be done with the correct agreements and rules. For this back office process, automating it would lead to pre-defined policies that are workable among parties. For travel agencies, agreeing on the mark-ups for travel agents and booking mediators will be easily derived through pre-defined terms that are based on newly formulated agreements or trends on the success of previous term packages.

  1. Supplier and Agent commission

Deriving the exact amount for commission to be given to sub-agents such as hotels, airlines, bus servicing, etc. can be too tedious to work around manually. Automating the process do not only guarantee accuracy in the computation but also provides efficient and fast way to come up with the right commission figures.

  1. Itinerary changes

With the level of demand from travel consumers, itinerary changes can already be expected from travelers. Having this as part of the business is already embraced nowadays so as to provide a more dynamic service to clients. However, being able to deliver the service on time or ahead would be a challenge in the absence of the automation process. 

Automating the right way

With the automation service that we offer to businesses, it would be best for our clients to thoroughly lay down the specific procedures and system in every process for automation. To do this, documented systems in place would work as advantage. More so, data structures that are present or can be outsourced will be useful in coming up with a developed automation system that can effectively forecast the travelers’ preferred transactions.

Business intelligence becomes more effective with the right data on hand. The data mining process for travel industry can be overwhelming but could ideally be integrated together to come up with a highly reliable automation system.

In considering for back office automation, there will be times that selected primary processes could be considered in the process of putting into an automatic system. With this, we guarantee our clients that we can work with utmost flexibility for expanded automation requirements.

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