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B2C Travel Portal Development Services

Speed and simplicity are what direct customers are looking for when working their way into a B2C travel portal. End-user travelers would greatly appreciate a travel portal that could serve as one-stop website for their travel needs. Added to this, design and simple layout would enhance the website’s performance for a more effective interactions and transaction management in a travel portal.

As we offer B2C travel portal development service to clients, we make sure that every single detail about the customers’ needs will be well-attended through the front-end of the website while the backend will be managed with ease and efficient process.

Our B2C Travel Portal Development Features:

Flight Booking Management: Whether done online or offline, flight bookings will be accounted accordingly and delivered to customers accurately.

Hotel Booking Management: Numerous options for hotels and various types accommodation will be made available.

Tours and Vehicle Booking Management: Land transportation will be ensured to be convenient and accessible for travelers.

API integration of multiple GDS: Integrating multiple GDS and consolidators through API will have a decent and reliable set-up in the B2C travel portal.

Payment Gateways: Payments and accounting of which will be securely managed. More so, a multiple payment option will also be provided.

Real Time inventory management: List flights, hotels, cars and buses and even tour packages that are with or without available slots will be fully displayed.

Price and Rates Control: Supplier and client agreements will be presented clearly with the details on markups and commissions available on selected admin panels.

Special travel packages display: Businesses will have the capacity to offer special travel packages right to their customers and display them attractively at the homepage.

Markup options management: Specific settings and options for markups can be put into details for customers to choose from.

Dedicated back office system: There is no way that backend and frontend will not have synchronization through our dedicated means of ensuring harmony in the portal.

User-friendly front and back-end platform: All users will definitely enjoy using the travel portal through the easy functions integrated on it.

Multiple Languages option: Translations will be readily available for a more accessible travel portal.

Multiple Currencies option: Dealing with different currencies and working on the real time conversion rates will not be a barrier in providing excellent service.

User Registration and membership for customers: Easy and speedy user registration process happens in just few clicks.

HTTPS Authentication: Security through HTTPS authentication is valuable in ensuring the data in the website.

Customer Feedback Management: Transparency and openness to customer reviews and suggestions will promote continuous improvement for the business.

Live Chat Option for customers: Responsive chat support team, both automated and manually generated replies, will be made available.

Our Process for B2C Portal Development:

Needless to say, we excel in providing B2C travel portal development solutions through our efficient business process.

1. Consultation and Quotation: Clients may seek advice from us through spending some time in the consultation process and on how project objectives are to be defined to come up with sure returns on every investment for the B2C travel portal.

2. Portal Development Process: Our team of web analysts and developers develop websites and travel portals based on the current trends and demands through the use of modern technology that would capture the clients’ requirements.

3. B2C Travel Portal Implementation: From the trial run stage down to the live run in the web, we make sure that errors are minimized if not totally wiped out to provide the clients the reputable image of being a reliable travel portal for travelers to utilize.

Why You Choose us:


  • Our web developers are certified experts in their field with lots of years of training and experience.
  • We provide quality results through continuous auditing and checking of results.
  • Our team is composed of hardworking and approachable people.
  • Highly responsive 24/7 customer support.
  • We ensure delivery of output with the assurance on security and confidentiality.
  • Pricing of services provide real value for money.
  • We are a reputable company with high ratings from our clients.
  • Our consultants are readily available when suggestions and recommendations are needed by the clients.
  • We establish mutually beneficial relationship with clients.
Contact us to know more about B2C Travel Portal Development or mail us at info@travelportaldevelopment.net


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