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B2B Travel Portal Development Company

The business-to-business (B2B) process, being the act of making deals with other businesses would require companies to know how they can benefit from each other. The B2B set-up became fast growing because of the rise of e-commerce and the solutions that web developers provide in many companies. B2B travel portal development, for one, is one industry that web developers are eyeing because of its rich potential in achieving a more streamlined business process.

B2B transactions for travel and tourism industry do not just allow businesses to share the profit out from the enterprises that they offer to customers but this also provides convenience to the travelers themselves. With that, we wanted to stand behind the success of travel agencies through the B2B travel portal development service that we offer and come in the following features:

Our B2B Travel Portal Development Services:

GDS and Non GDS Flight Booking Management: Having the capacity for a portal to manage both GDS and Non GDS flight booking scheme would produce a long tally of airlines that are available for clients to choose from as well as open the way for cheaper price offers.

Online and Offline Flight Booking Module: Flight booking has to be accessible so whether the method is through online or offline booking, we make sure that due booking procedure will be followed and will be provided to clients.

Hotel Booking Management: Hotel aggregators are presented to our clients to integrate hotel booking management in the most efficient way.

Agent Management: Get numerous channels for travel agencies and sub-agents to be gathered in one portal through our agent management programming capacity.

Booking Management: Flights, hotels, tours, vehicle rental and a lot more can be easily handled through dynamic booking modules that we can create.

Accounts Management: We see that managing the roles and rights of each business account is vital for an effective B2B travel portal.

Enquiry Management: Our team has found effective ways to relay communications from one business to another as queries needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

Markup and Discount Management: Computing, defining and providing the actual amount for markups and discounts will be easily derived through built-in programs in the portal.

Deposits and Payment Management: From advance deposit payments to the numerous mode of payments that various businesses would prefer, we set a wide option for our clients to choose from.

Back Office Call Center Module: Clients will have the privilege to manage travel requests such as booking details, delays updates, cancellation and no show situations.

Third Party API Compatibility: Application programming interface defines the protocols on how module updates and revisions can easily be integrated into the web portal for a continuous improvement.

Administrative Reports: We comprehensively per-determined the reports needed for each business so that it can be easily derived from the travel portal.

Our Process:

Clients would be delighted to know the simplicity of our business dealings.

1. Inquiries and Request for Quotation: Every business dealings start with inquiries and negotiations. With that, our line remains open for clients’ to let us know about their needs and how we are going to provide the services and set a very reasonable price.

2. Portal Development Process: Brain storming among the team members are conducted to come up with a plan and execute the process of developing the B2B travel portal within the requirements of the clients.

3. Testing: Through a test environment, our team will closely coordinate with the clients as simulations happen and quality assurance procedures are performed. This is to ensure the effectiveness of the developed website.

3. B2B Travel Portal Launching: All the information that the clients need to know about how the website works will be thoroughly endorsed to them. More so, we make sure that the live operations of the website go through series of monitoring for maintenance and other enhancements.

Why You Choose us:

Travel agencies would look forward to having a trustworthy B2B travel portal developer and we continue to uphold such image as we:

  • Allow businesses to offer their best rates to other businesses.
  • Aid companies in attracting clients to make a negotiable deals with them.
  • Capitalized in the modern equipment and training our people to deliver the best service.
  • Offer clients the benefit of setting their own travel portal requirements and customize on the portal.
  • Offer trendy web portal designs and layouts.
  • Endlessly ensure quality in every work that we do.
  • Set our prices in the most affordable rate.
Contact us to know more about B2B Travel Portal Development or mail us at info@travelportaldevelopment.net


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